All you rich people
leading lives in contempt
with insatiable desires;
in houses too big,
rooms too small;
green eyes looking forward,
thrift store shopping,
in crude attempt to look
well-worn for masses
hipster pride
gallivanting bright shades,
endearing heat for the poor,
in a charity event
whilst sipping a cup of
corporate coffee,
feeling like thrill,
sitting in a car,
reading like you feel,
emotions welling for
the impoverished
in a distant country,
and over your own poverty
‘Where did my money go?’
fuck you.

And I am one of you
so fuck me too.

3 thoughts on “fuck

  1. i'm glad i found your blog again. Ugh, not reading it kills me… SERIOUSLY. I love how you are always insightful, something most people don't have(including myself haha). You should be a writer. SERIOUSLY.

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