Moment’s are fleeting; just like every car ride anyone has ever had. I like car rides. Thoughts flow when you’re in the car.

For instance, just now when we passed by this mall and the strangest feeling swept over me because for once, I found the lights pretty. The building was covered in blinking lights, like those on Christmas trees except without the varying colors; they were white. Artificial lights to emulate the stars, maybe? Tragic; in a sense that the stars aren’t allowed to shine because the loud, flippant man doesn’t allow them too. However, when I looked outside and saw the rush of cars and the brightness and the flashiness–I think one part of me could finally appreciate it a little, just a little bit.

Artificial lights are the best the city’s got.
What I’ve got now is the best I’ve gotten.

Freedom still hasn’t been found in the city. But I’m too lazy. She’s playing a mystery game with me; toying, and most probably smirking behind the glowing luminescent palms of the city. The city’s fingernails are still sharp; still very much the same from when I came. But for once, I’d rather Freedom roam missing. For once, I am content.


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