A Perfect Circle

In an almost-full lecture hall, with a barely-there lecturer; I thought about you.

It finally occurred to me. Some people form lines between each other—lines that curve and bend; lines that dip down like valleys only to meet again at the tips. Or lines that form perfect circular spheres that wind around them in their perfect little world, almost like an atom. Or contours; either way, the lines meet to form an uneven but unbroken shape.

You and I, we formed lines too. Unlike the lines of others, our lines ran straight as arrows. Parallel straight lines. The lines formed but never met to serve an end. They pushed towards an infinite path but never curved and bended and moved and dipped and contoured to form a shape, a shape we wished we had—the perfect circle. The thing about us, the lines; a spherical plane never existed, a longitude and latitude that met at an angle—there was none. The lines moved on their own and, as hard as we’d try, it’s impossible to bend lines that are straight, unless, of course you had some telekinetic spoon-bending power.

This is no tragedy, nor is it a lament for a future we would not have. Rather, it is fact. Straight lines are straight, straight lines will never curve.

6 thoughts on “A Perfect Circle

  1. Now lets say that these two lines were vectors X & Y travelling parallel in the same direction, from 2 different starting points.

    Then add vectors to one of them(say X for the purpose of this hypothesis), such that vector X would point towards where vector Y would if it had a greater magnitude.

    And now you multiply them by a scalar quantity, which shall be Time. Do so until these two vectors eventually reach the same point.

    Gotta love maths.

  2. hahahaha vectors XD

    what i'm saying is, if there is some external force acting on these parallel lines such that the lines are slightly more inclined to each other, then all it would take is time.

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