I’d like to be tiny, microbial size.
So tiny in fact, that the world at large,
would probably seem larger than usual;
Not that it wasn’t already, to me.

So tiny, that you could swallow me whole.
I’d like that.
Consume me within you.

I’ll be a virus.
I’ll explore every
crevice, contour, curve and line
that the organs shape
inside of you.

I won’t harm you.
Not just yet.
every fiber of your being is of the essence.
I must—
your bones
your spine
each vertabrae
and the tendons holding
I’d climb the cord.
I’d crawl into your central nervous system.

And oh your mind,
Your mind that wanders, wonders
Every nerve and impulse
your hopes, fears, dreams
and your love.
Such voluminous lines
of sparked interest.

I’ll enter your veins slowly,
a pinprick, you won’t even feel it
and flow through your veins;
red rivers gushing,
pressure pumping
I’d fight the white blood cells.

Then, I’ll reach the apex.
(my destination)
Climbing the ascending white scales
of your rib cage that protects
the torn mass of muscular flesh.
I see
the drip drip drip
of crimson from,
tiny (millions) cracks on the walls.
Caressing, plunging deep
and enter, because I’m a virus
and I’ll finally consume you.

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