1. You and I. We were always sinners. Together with the banished son. The son Kinoingan left at the foothills, for he was a sinner. The heavens folded. As man, he sinned again. The earth wept for our misgivings as Kinoingan grew angrier by the day.

Kinoingan’s wrath no longer incontestable by the seventh disaster, his only daughter sacrificed herself. For the sake of mankind, she plunged into the deep waters. Huminodun’s spirit merged with the earth. Bambarayon shaken to an awakening and made whole again. The paddy fields bloomed, golden and beautiful, swaying with the wind on this land that lies just beneath the typhoon belt.

2. Bambarayon is broken. We learnt our lesson once and forgot about it. We divorced the lands. Drink to forget. Fill our tajau some more. Drunk and aching, believing we are gods. Huminodun replaced with wearing crosses on our necks and heeding calls to Allah. Excavating dirt, we found only empty chests that leave us yearning. We quit looking towards the sleeping giant. Forever banished at the foothills.

Written for MaPoWriMo 2015

“The poems in this collection were taken – unedited – from the entries for May 2015’s Malaysian Poetry Writing Month (or MaPoWriMo for short). Participants wrote a poem for each day of May. This anthology is the result of that effort.

To join future editions of MaPoWriMo, be part of our group at facebook.com/groups/mapowrimo.”

Download here – https://mega.co.nz/…

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