Religiousity (?)

Religion has become something un-beautiful. In all its ‘glory’, it has become something impersonal and ugly. It has become something people use to wage wars out of nothing. What is faith but merely a tool to impose beliefs–to force–individuals out of their own freewill; the freedom to exercise what they choose to value. There no longer is purity and peace and unification. There is no respect, no discussions, no dialogue. There no longer exists any close-to form of religious contemplation but only strict adherence to something we’re not even close to understanding (the system, maybe). There is no God; just minds set out to destroy—destroy the beauty, the tradition, the culture, the freedom, the truth. Everything is lost in between power, politics, misconstrued ideologies and religious artifices.

We’re losing God day by day, if only we’d realize.

But what do I know about God?

3 thoughts on “Religiousity (?)

  1. Christianity… isn't a religion. It's a relationship, shared between us and God. Nowhere in the Bible is it even mentioned that Christianity is a religion.

    However, what is it now? It's the a form of income for churches. Not only do we ravage nature and turn it into a commodity, the relationship with God has become a commodity for churches worldwide.

    … but then again, there is one God; one Universal being. The two biggest religions in the world, share similarities that are only blurred by variations of the same name.

    God is who we make of Him. God… is… no, was, a mirror of us; a mirror that is now cracked at the edges and smudged by the sands of time.

  2. “All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry,” Edgar Alan Poe.

    Food for thought 😉

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